SRA 101: Assessing the Survivor

After you have a basic understanding about what SRA/RA/MC is, it’s time to assess your survivor. Every survivor is different and needs will be similar, but never the same. Here is what you need to know.

  1. Is the survivor saved?
  2. How is the survivor’s relationship with God? Does he know that God is good? Is he angry with God? Is he angry with God about the abuse? Does he pray? Is he studying the Bible?
  3. Is he stable in a church? Many survivors have trouble trusting churches. Many of the symbols of the church were used to torture him and he might find being in church triggering (Bible, blood of Jesus, communion, altar, cross, prayer circles, candles…). As you can see, this is extensive and overwhelming. Can he be in church and heal there? If not, then he needs to have people to help him make the transition. It is imperative that he become a participating member of the church, but it may take time.
  4. Is she able to have friends? Survivors are taught to isolate thereby making friendships difficult. Trusting other people can be hard. She needs solid people in the church to befriend her.
  5. Is deliverance needed? Survivors are programmed with many rituals where chains will need to be broken. God will reveal them over time and you just calmly break their hold and sever them in the name of Jesus. Jesus breaks every chain!
  6. What does your survivor Biblically believe? Biblically assess what truths are knows and where there is confusion. There are survivors who are Christian but not believe that God is good. While this might make no sense, it is just a roadblock on the road to healing that must be taken down. Confusion is the devil’s strategy for keeping the survivor in chains. Blow that fog away!
  7. Does she have hope? Hope is a key for survivors. They had it all taken away in the rituals. You have to provide it to them through Jesus. Exude hope and keep pointing them to God. God will bring hope to every believer. God will heal. God will fill her with the fruit of the spirit. If you believe it and assure her of it, hope will start to sparkle in her. Stay positive!
  8. Is he spiralling? Many survivors are programmed to self destruct through drugs, alcohol, financial ruin and pushing everyone out of their lives. There will be survivors on the edge of complete destruction. That is the moment when you can step in and bring Jesus, it’s an opportunity. Prayerfully jump in.
  9. What are the physical needs of the survivor? Does she have housing? Does she have a job? Is she eating?

These are good questions to consider. As you begin to answer these questions you will begin to hear from God for the strategy for going forward. Remember, each survivor will have a different set of needs and only God can lead you on your way.

The goal is filling them with the fruit of the spirit. As the chains are broken off, fill them up with fruit. You’ve got this!


Photo credit: Thank you Vickie Matthews!


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