SRA 101: What is SRA/RA/MC?

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Ritual Abuse (RA), and Mind Control (MC) are all abuses that go together. SRA and RA are used interchangeably while MC is a lab centered abuse that works on wiping out the memories of survivors from SRA and RA. Every SRA/RA survivor has been programmed with mind control (small letters) elements. MC (capital letters) survivors have the mind control manipulated by doctors in labs.

All abuse is satanic across the board. The devil is behind it all. God is about safety and protection, as can be read over and over in the Psalms. Therefore, anything that is from sin is from the devil. All abuse is sin. All abuse is from the devil. SRA gives the added demonic attraction, if you will, of worshiping Satan himself.

The goals of SRA are to get favors from the devil and from other members of the group. These favors have to be earned. The participants have to pay a big price to get into the group and once in can never leave. The group keeps close tabs on all participants to ensure they stay committed to the group and to their code of evil.

An SRA ritual can best be understood through opposites. Everything God does gets turned upside down in a ritual. While a church service praises and worships God, a ritual praises and worships the devil. God sent Jesus to be the sacrifice where the ritual uses children (many times a living sacrifice who are brutally tortured mentally, sexually and physically, but some are killed) and animals to be the sacrifice. God brings peace and healing and rituals bring terror and death. Are you starting to get the picture?

Parents who bring their children are given standing in the group, money and positions in their community where they live. Participants will be given money to start businesses, clients for businesses, political backing, social standing, safety from police for crime and power by the group. The devil will grant demonic demonstrations that will excited the participants.

The majority of the participants of these groups are members through generational inheritance of group membership. Abused children will many times grow into the next generations, participants and provide their children to be the next victims. SRA survivors are the ones who chose not to participate and made it out. They are hounded by the group through their lives with great backlash. Every survivor puts the group in jeopardy of being found out.

Silence is the only way SRA/RA groups survive and this is programmed strongly into the victims. There are horrifying rituals where they are taught that they will be killed or have to kill themselves if they ever discuss the abuse. Survivors who tell are going against this programming, so never take it lightly. They are taking a chance of getting killed and the threat is very real. They have chosen to trust you.

This is where MC comes in. On top of the programming for silence, doctors work on wiping out the memories of the survivors completely. These survivors will remember doctors and have big lapses in their memories. To get to these states involves lots of drugs and shock therapy. It is truly terrifying.

I hope this gives you a starting point for learning about SRA/RA/MC and gives you a little glimpse into the life of the survivor in your life. There are many good websites and books that can be accessed to further your study. I have included a resources page to show you some of the places I have found.

God is good in all things. He is bigger than the devil. He is bigger than the groups and their programming. God has healing and deliverance for the survivor. Keep that in mind as you minister. You will be doing a dance with your survivor taking steps forward and back, but don’t get discouraged. Your survivor will get to a place of being filled with the fruit of the spirit, our end goal.

You can do this! With God, all things are possible.


Photo Credit: Thank you to Vickie Matthews


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