SRA Survivors 101: What You Need to Know

If an SRA survivor has disclosed his or her abuse to you, congratulations! You have passed an amazing amount of tests in the survivor’s mind that came to the conclusion that you are to be trusted. Take this as an immense compliment and understand that the survivor has taken a big risk in trusting you.

The first thing you need to do is not panic. While the task before you may be confusing and insurmountable, it is doable. What you need is prayer time with God, hope and strategy.

Step one is learning about what SRA is and how it effects survivors. Step two is understanding where the survivor is in the healing process and assessing the needs. Step three is getting the survivor the help and support he or she needs in the church. There are posts on each of these steps to get you the information you need.

Prayer and spiritual warfare are the only ways to walk through this. Remember that God is always bigger than the devil and will win the war. The individual battles are intense as this is a life and death, heaven and hell struggle.

The survivor was very young and had no choice in being abused in the most heinous abuse that there exists in the world and had no one to help in the survival. He or she will be carefully evaluating your response to the request for help. Dive in with a smile and the assurance that you believe what he or she is telling you and that God will get him or her through to a place of healing and peace.

The goals for ministry are filling the survivors with the fruits of the spirit. That is the only place where they can be at peace and able to walk the path God has set before them. Keep pointing them to God. Keep reminding them of His goodness. Let them know that God is the perfect daddy they deserved and will never let them down.

This ministry will fill your mind with images that you would really rather not have. I apologize for that.  Get prayer covering and make sure that you are refreshing yourself with God consistently so that the images stay where they need to be: under the feet of Jesus. You will find that through this ministry, your eyes will be opened to the spiritual world more than ever and you will find that you are getting closer to God than ever.

This is not just ministry, this is boot camp. God is preparing a church that is strong and able to fight. Going into the battle of SRA will hone your battle skills with the armor of God and the sword of the spirit. The demonic will flee at the name of Jesus. You will hear God’s voice more clearly than ever.

Why is this? It is because you are entering the root of all battles, that place of all out war between heaven and hell.

Welcome to SRA ministry. You will never be the same.


Photo Credit: Thanks to Vickie Matthews.


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