Jesus Died for That

By Lisa Meister



Is there pain in yer body?

Be there cryin’ in yer soul?

Are ya weary, heavy laden?

Roadblocks keepin’ ya from yer goal?


Have you a nigglin’ feelin’?

Somethin’ wrong ya can’t explain?

Do yer prayers seem unanswered?

Does yer faith feel in vain?


Is the time a feelin’ heavy?

Could the vic’try seem too late?

Can ya hear the devil laughin’?

Knowin’ too much ‘s on your plate?


Well, life, it may feel lengthy,

Maybe failure fills yer vat;

But raise yer head an’ remember,

Jesus died for that.


God formed ya and He knew ya,

Before you ‘re even born;

He knew yer’d be tired,

Feel completely torn.


He knew what you’d be a needin’,

So He gave Redemption form,

Be walkin’ an’ expetin’,

No matter what the storm.


Be assured, the answer ‘s comin’,

God’s never failed before.

You don’t never need to worry,

Vic’try will make ya soar.


Photo credit: Thank you to Irum Shahid!


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