Do’s and Don’t

Friendships with SRA/RA/MC survivors will have depths that few friendships will find. You will find yourself delving into topics and issues that you never dreamed existed. While it will be overwhelming, it will also deepen your own walk with God as you wrestle the issues of abuse and God together.

Knowing what to say and what not to say to survivors is helpful in your journey. You will hit landmines that will trigger your friend. Do not panic. That will happen no matter how careful you are. Just know that with triggering comes information about deep wounds the person has. Learn to stay away from things you know will trigger and use them as praying points with your friend.

You will find that survivors are people who will periodically pull back and be quiet for a while. This is to be expected and respected. Give them the time they need and learn what their needs are when they are feeling vulnerable to need it.

What have you found in your friendship with survivors that can help others? Let me know and I will add them.

God is good and has this person in your life for a reason. You are in the survivor’s life for a reason. Be encouraged that God knows what He is doing and something good planned!

God bless!

Photo Credit: Thank you Andrew Beierle!


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